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铁艺景观厂家分析铁艺制品的设计要求   铁艺景观厂家除了提供铁艺景观外,还提供其它各种各样的铁艺制品,如铁艺护栏,铁艺楼梯,铁艺大门等,种类多样,可以根据用户的需求,提供各种尺寸,样式的铁艺制品。虽然,现在我们在日常生活中可以看到很多铁艺制品,它们不仅起到的一定的实用价值,同时能起到一定的装饰效果。然而在设计铁艺制品时还是有一定要求的。   1、不同的装饰环境应选择与之相应的铁艺造型,以配合环境、气氛的需要。铁艺可根据客户初步设想设计铁花造型、并出效果图,但如需要进一步,需要更精确的设计。   2、油漆如同人的衣着外表,挑选适合的颜色会令您的铁件更显风格和特色。上油漆不仅是为了突显铁艺制品的风格及特色,同时也是对铁艺制品的保护,使其在室外安装后十五年内无生锈的烦恼。   3、铁花属设计与制造相结合的产品,艺术的无止境决定了铁花的艺术完美的特质。铁花除装饰的性能外,还作为建筑结构的一部分,如楼梯、门、铁艺围栏等,故对艺术造型的高度、宽度、力度等有较严格的安全标准要求,您选用某一产品造型时必须权衡这些因素作出合理的选择,以符合安全使用的标准。杭州鸿朗铁艺装饰工程有限公司主要产品有:为住宅楼盘、高档别墅、家庭社区加工制作安装铁艺大门,阳台栏杆,护栏,楼梯扶手,制作钢平台,铁艺护栏等,全国咨询热线:13738185530 Analysis of design requirements of iron products by iron landscape manufacturers In addition to providing iron landscape, iron landscape manufacturers also provide a variety of other iron products, such as iron guardrails, iron stairs, iron gates, etc., with various types. According to the needs of users, they can provide iron products of various sizes and styles. Although, now we can see many iron products in our daily life, they not only play a certain practical value, but also play a certain decorative effect. However, there are certain requirements in the design of iron products. 1. Different decoration environment should choose corresponding iron modeling to meet the needs of environment and atmosphere. Tieyi can design the iron flower shape according to the customer's preliminary idea, and draw the effect drawing, but if it needs further, it needs more accurate design. 2. The paint is like the appearance of the same person's clothes. Choosing the right color will make your iron work more distinctive. Painting is not only to highlight the style and characteristics of iron products, but also to protect iron products, so that they will not rust for 15 years after outdoor installation. 3. Iron flower is a product combining design and manufacture. The endless art determines the perfect quality of iron flower. In addition to the performance of decoration, the iron flower is also a part of the building structure, such as stairs, doors, iron fences, etc., so there are strict safety standards for the height, width, strength, etc. of the art modeling. When you choose a product modeling, you must weigh these factors to make a reasonable choice, so as to meet the standards of safe use. The main products of Hangzhou Honglang Tieyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. are: processing, manufacturing and installing Tieyi gate, balcony handrail, guardrail, stair handrail, manufacturing steel platform, Tieyi guardrail, etc. for residential buildings, high-end villas and family communities, national Consulting Hotline: 13738185530