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(七)异型围网护栏用途:非常广泛,形状多种多样,可根据用户提供的样本及要求This paper briefly introduces the concept, characteristics and use of each type of guardrail, so that users can understand it.
(1) Purpose of frame guardrail: frame guardrail is mainly used for highway, railway, airport, port, wharf, municipal construction and aquaculture, mainly for isolation and protection.
(2) Advantages of double side wire protective net: this series of protective net has the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful and practical, convenient transportation, convenient installation, strong adaptability to terrain, etc.
(3) Use of anti glare net guardrail: mainly used for the light protection of vehicles driving at night on the highway. Features: beautiful, easy to maintain, bright color, is the first choice for beautifying highway environmental engineering products.
(4) Airport special protective net: This product is a new type of enclosure product specially designed for the airport. It adopts high-strength low-carbon steel wire for strong welding. The column is rectangular steel and high-strength round pipe. The top is welded with V-shaped bracket, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of the enclosure. The top is also very good in enhancing the safety protection performance after adding blade thorn. This product has been widely used in large airports at home and abroad Products, and has been greatly recognized
(5) Peach shaped column protective net: peach shaped column protective net is a new product, which is mainly popular in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and large cities in China. It has the characteristics of elegant appearance, free from the limitation of terrain fluctuation and convenient installation.
(6) Triangle bending type protective net structure: after welding with high-strength cold drawn low carbon steel wire, it is hydraulically formed and fixed with connecting accessories and steel pipe strut. Features: high strength, good steel, beautiful shape, wide vision, easy installation, bright and easy feeling.
(seven) the use of special fence: very wide, various shapes, can be produced according to the samples and requirements provided by users.生产。